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We are George and Pavlos and we live in London for more than 15 years while our journey to this magnificent city started back in the 90’s.

We love London and we call it home as this is where we are settled with our families. We know the ins and outs of this amazing city that is constantly changing and being transformed with new restaurants, new attractions and stunning hotels added to its map literally every day. We have walked thousands of miles in the city the last 20 years and we know for sure what is the best area to stay in London if you are visiting as a tourist or even if you are looking to stay here permanently. We keep on trying new restaurants, new pubs, new museums and attractions as we are really in love with this modern day metropolis we call home…!

So…this is our blog to help you plan your next visit in London and the UK (we are focused in London but we do have an opinion on other cities in the UK but also awesome travel guides for Santorini and Greece).

Happy reading and don’t forget that we always to respond to all the comment syou post below any post. We will be happy to answer any of your questions!

George and Pavlos

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